The Perfect Gift for Your Perfect Man

The holidays have rolled around again. Ladies, this means it’s time to find a gift for your man.

If you’re anything like me, I never know what to get him.  I’m searching on the internet, taking hours in stores, walking around in circles until I finally just give up and buy something last minute. Well, I have come up with a list of perfect gifts for your perfect man so you don’t have the same problem.  


The Detailed Man

Wax on Wax off!

The Meguiar’s Gold Class Wash & Wax kit is the perfect way to wax the exterior of his vehicle and clean the interior.

For a smooth and shiny finish, the Makita 7” polisher kit is the way to go.

Another great detailing gift pack for the enthusiast is made by Wizard…it even comes with a super cool hat!



The Travelin’ Man

Make sure he is prepared for a bump in the road.

Know a frequent traveler with kids? Get them this first aid kit to fix those boo boos on the road.

Don’t let him get stuck without a jump. This Red Fuel Lithium Power Pack from Schumacher would make an awesome gift. Not only will it start your vehicle, it will charge any USB device!

What if he gets a flat tire in the dark? This Alkaline Lantern by StreamLight will light his way! It has a 360° light distribution, a handle for hanging, its waterproof and it floats!



The Tech-Savvy Man

Bring out his inner geek with these tech-savvy suggestions.

You two could jam out with the new Beat Block Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is LOUD, portable, has a long battery life and comes with a box for storing it safely.

How about this portable solar powered charger that is small enough to fit in his pocket! He can charge his USB devices on it and it even has a built in flashlight.

This portable power source/mini jump starter would make a sweet gift. He could take this anywhere because it is also small enough to fit in his pocket. Not only does it charge phones, laptops, cameras and other personal devices, but it can also jump start his vehicle!

The DIYer

Got a handy man around the house?  Here are a few handy items.

The Milwaukee M18 2 tool combo kit is the perfect set of compact drills for those around-the-house projects. They even come with a handy bag for storage.

This screwdriver set by KD Tools/GearWrench is sure to have any size he will need for his next DIY project.
Style: "Color tone - neutral"

Working on his vehicle? This tool set has a little bit of everything he may need. Check it out…

Alright, now I have done the hard part for you. Hopefully, this list will help you, and lessen your stress, during the upcoming holidays.  Now it’s time for me to figure out which of these items will be perfect for my perfect man.

Written By: Cheri Shue


Got Gas?

Gas prices have been outrageous in the recent past.  Luckily, I have seen they have been dropping a bit but with the upcoming holidays I will not be surprised if they go through the roof again.

Here are some helpful tips that can save you gas and money.

Do not accelerate and brake hard – I tell my boyfriend this every time he drives my car. He thinks I’m full of it but anytime you slam on your brakes or floor it you can literally watch your gas tank drop. Go ahead, try it. When you come to a stop or accelerating slowly, fuel economy can actually increase by as much as 20%.

Don’t use your A/C unless you have to – Okay, in the summer time there is NO WAY I’m not using my A/C but on nice cool days it can actually save you some gas by not using it. Using the A/C puts an extra load on the motor causing it to have to use more fuel. On most vehicles, even the defroster you use on cold mornings when you go out to start your car, yea, that uses more gas too.

Keep your windows closed – No A/C AND your windows closed?  (It’s getting a little claustrophobic in here.)   Keeping your windows open, especially on the highway, will cause more drag and use up to 10% more gas than if you had them shut.

Don’t sit and idle – I was always told that turning off then starting your car used more gas than keeping on. Not true. If you are going to idle for more than one minute you should actually turn off your car.

Use cruise control – I never hit the highway without using my cruise. If you are going to be traveling a long distance, it’s best to use it to maintain a constant speed. Speeding up and slowing down will use up more of your gas.

Keep your car in good shape –I think it’s been a few years since my car has had one of these…but having a frequent “tune up” on your car and making sure the tires, filters, spark plugs, fluid levels etc. are all in good shape will save  you on gas in the long run.  If the car is not running at tip top shape then it is using extra fuel to make up for the lack.  

I think I will try to start using these gas saving tips from now on. They might not make a HUGE difference but every little bit helps, right?

Written by: Cheri Shue, Guest Blogger


How To Check The Oil In Your Car

Have you ever wondered if you were doing something right?  Don’t worry…I wonder that every single day! We’ve decided to take the guesswork out of checking the oil in your car.

Checking the oil in your car is an important maintenance check. This quick and easy check can help keep your car running smoothly. An easy way to remember when to check the oil is every other time you fill your car up with gas. All you need is a paper towel or a rag (which you can get free from most gas stations).

 Follow these steps below to Check the Oil.

  1. Make sure that you have the engine turned off.
  2. Open the hood and find the dipstick.
  3. Pull the dipstick out and wipe off any oil from the end.
  4. Place the dipstick back in the tube and then pull it out again.
  5. Look at both sides of the dipstick and where the oil is on the end.  If the oil is below the minimum mark you will need to add oil, anything above minimum should be good until your next check.
  6. Once you are done checking the dipstick, put it back into place and make sure that it is secure. Then close the hood.

Performing this simple 2 minute check could save you a ton of dough down the road.  If you prefer not to get your hands dirty and you live in a part of the country that has a full-service gas station…by all means stop there!


Written by: Guest Blogger Braden Dominic


When Should You Recharge Your Jump Starter?


A common question among jump starter owners…When do I recharge it to make sure it’s fully charged and ready to use?

Clore Automotive, a leading jump starter manufacturer, has devised a system to alert you when it’s time to recharge your jump starter.  Believe me…as soon as I found this site, I signed up!  It’s a pain to try and remember when to recharge your jump starter unit and try to remember when the last time was that you recharged it.  You don’t want to get stranded with a dead jump starter…kind of defeats the purpose huh?!?!

Check out the Clore Automotive getincharge page to sign up and receive email alerts quarterly reminding you to recharge your machine.  You’ll love it!

Until next time….Jay

Unique Gift Ideas For That Hard-To-Buy-For Man!

Why spend days, weeks, even months trying to find the best gift for your husband, brother or teenage son?

When you ask your husband/brother/son what he would like for Christmas this year, what do you think his answer will be?  The standard “I don’t know”, “tools”, “money”, “I’ll love whatever you get me”??

Well I found a few things that Schumacher came out with this year that will be sure to delight all of the men I know. *hint hint – the SL-1 is on the top of my Christmas list*

I recently bought the SHUSL-5 and ended up losing it to my 17-year-old son.  It works great for charging your iPhone.  He was almost dead and plugged his phone into the Fuel Pack and let it charge while watching a show and it didn’t take much time at all for his phone to be fully charged.  Needless to say, I never got the Fuel Pack back and had to buy myself another one!

Whether you decide to go for the SHUSL-3, SHUSL-4 or SHUSL-5, you can’t really go wrong.  These are all great units and will be treasured by all who receive them!

Make sure you also check out the SHUSL-1 and the SHU-SL-360R.  Those are top picks on the Mechanic’s List this year.

The SHUSL-1 is also a great contender when it comes to picking a jump starter to leave in your car this winter.  I recently wrote a blog called Picking the Right Jump Starter For You to give everyone some ideas about which jump starter will work best for your vehicle.  Make sure you check it out before you buy a new power pack.

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Picking The Right Jump Starter For You

In a previous blog post, we talked about the different reasons your car won’t start. Today, I would like to follow up with talking about how to choose the right jump starter for your needs. Like man, all jump starters are not created equal. There are a myriad of different options to choose from. We will be discussing options for your daily driver to your heavy duty towing vehicles.

For your daily driver or family vehicle, we have two favorites. The Jump-N-Carry KKC660 and the TCBES5000 by Booster Pac.  Below I will show you the details and help you chose the right option for you.

The Jump-N-Carry KKC660


  • For California CEC-compliant equivalent product, please order KKC-660C
  • The KKC660 delivers 1700 Peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps of starting power and weighs just 18 lbs.
  • Perfect for a variety of professional starting environments, including automotive service, fleet service, auto dealerships, auto auctions, marinas, implement dealerships and more.
  • 1700 Peak Amps
  • 425 Cranking Amps
  • Clore PROFORMER battery technology
  • 46″ #4 AWG welding cable leads
  • Industrial-grade clamps
  • Built-in charger
  • Automatic charging
  • Voltmeter provides charge status of on board battery
  • 12VDC outlet to power accessories
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Email reminder when the unit needs to be charged

Cost: $136.22

The TCBES5000


  • For California CEC-compliant equivalent product, please order TCB-ES5000C
  • Multiple jumps between charges and 43″ cables make the ES5000 as convenient as it is powerful.
  • 1500 Peak Amps
  • 400 Cranking Amps
  • ES Series battery designed specifically for vehicle jump-starting
  • Automatic recharging
  • LED battery status indicator
  • 43″ #4 AWG cables
  • Industrial Grade Hot Jaw™ clamps
  • DC outlet to power 12 Volt accessories
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Email reminder when the unit needs to be charged

Cost: $138.89

Mid Range Jump Starters & Chargers

For you drivers of large trucks like an F-250 or above or a vehicle you are using to pull a boat, tractor, or heavy equipment we also have two favorites. They are the SHUPSJ-3612 by Schumacher and KKCJNCXF by Jump-N-Carry.

The SHUPSJ-3612

Schumacher Jump Starter

  • Two, 18-Ah Professional-Grade, High-Output AGM Batteries—especially formulated to jump start vehicles.
  • Non-spillable; stores in any position.
  • 2-Gauge, 55-inch Cables.
  • Heavy-duty clamps have replaceable, copper jaws—fit both top and side-post batteries.
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • 3-Amp Built-in, Automatic Charger
  • Reverse Hook-Up Alarm
  • Two-Function Digital Display
  • 12-Volt DC Power Outlet
  • Durable, Rust & Corrosion Proof, Polypropylene Case with Unique Clamp Storage
    Vented case for added safety
  • Unique, High-Impact Rubber Base—for case protection.

Cost: $280.54


Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter

  • The new standard in power-to-weight ratio in a handheld jump starter, its exclusive X-Force battery delivers 770 Crank Assist Amps to tackle the toughest automotive, marine and industrial jump starting assignments.
  • Features 68″ extra-long cables to reach the starting points on virtually any vehicle and automatic charging from its built-in charger
  • Made in the USA
  • 770 Crank Assist Amps
  • X-Force battery technology
  • 68″” #4 welding cable leads
  • Industrial Grade Hot Jaw Clamps
  • Built-in charger
  • Automatic charging
  • Voltmeter provides charge status of onboard battery
  • 12VDC outlet to power accessories
  • 1 year limited warranty

Cost: $273.44

Heavy Duty Jump Starters For Large Industrial & Commercial Vehicles

For the big boys (and gals), we have big and powerful toys. Our two favorite heavy duty chargers are the TCBES6000KE by Booster Pac, and the KKCJNCXFE by Jump-N-Carry.




  • The workhorse of the Booster PAC family, the ES6000 delivers 3000 Peak Amps.
  • 12 Volt, 54” cables, auto charging
  • High performance ES Series battery
  • Battery Capacity: (2) 22 Amp Hour
  • Peak Amps: 3000
  • Cranking Amps: 800
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 650
  • Packaged with two batteries

Cost: $278.65


Industrial Strength Jump Starter

  • The ideal unit for the very toughest 12 Volt jump starting tasks and the harshest work environments
  • Its dual X-Force batteries deliver 1540 Crank Assist Amps, making it perfect for a wide range of environments: automotive, marine, fleet, industrial, construction, outdoor power equipment and heavy-duty starting
  • Features 68″ extra-long cables to reach the starting points on virtually any vehicle and automatic charging from its built-in charger
  • Made in the USA
  • 1540 Crank Assist Amps
  • X-Force battery technology
  • 68″” #2 welding cable leads
  • Industrial Grade Hot Jaw Clamps
  • Built-in automatic charger
  • Voltmeter provides charge status of on board battery
  • 12VDC outlet to power accessories
  • 1 year limited warranty

Cost: $402.55

Now, what does all this mean to you? We have broken these jump starters out into three different tiers. Tier one would be your every day jump starters. These are best suited for your home garage and to keep in the trunk of your car, truck or van. They work like a charm and are a great selection for anyone. Tier two jump starters are designated for those of you that have large trucks and SUVs. Finally, tier three are for your big, heavy duty trucks. We’re talking about F-450+ or 4500’s for you GM folks.

If you have any questions about any of these jump starters or just jump starters in general, please leave them in the comments box and we’ll answer them right here for you. Or you can feel free to email us at and we will return your email promptly!

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Top Tool Rebates & Promotions For August 2014

Who doesn’t love rebates on products we were planning on purchasing anyway?

Many manufacturers offer promotions or rebates that last anywhere from 30 to 90 days.  Basically if you buy tool “X” and send in a completed form with a copy of your receipt then you receive tool “Y” free from the manufacturer.  Finding these rebates and promotions can sometimes be a headache. I’m going to make it easy for you!  Whether you are buying early Christmas gifts or restocking your garage/shop, these rebates and promotions will definitely come in handy!  Let’s get started.

  • Ingersoll Rand is currently (for the next two weeks) offering free Hammerhead Mechanic Gloves if you purchase either the 5102MAX or 5108MAX.

    Ingersoll Rand August Rebate Promotion
  • Makita has a sweet deal going until September 30, 2014. Buy 3 Polisher Kits and, after sending in your rebate paperwork, you will receive your choice of a FREE flashlight, finish polisher, or cordless blower AND a FREE battery charger. That’s a Value of up to $249.00!

Makita Rebate Promotion August 2014

  • The Bosch promotion is good until October 1, 2014.  Purchase ANY Bosch power tool and, after submitting your mail-in rebate with all requirements, you receive a $50 Visa Prepaid Card.  Get paid to buy new tools!

Bosch Rebate August 2014

  • Last but certainly not the least is the current Robinair Promotion that runs through September 30, 2014.  If you purchase one of the Robinair Recovery Machines (34288, 34788, 34788H or 34988) you receive a free A/C Leak Detector Kit (after submitting proper mail-in rebate forms).Robinair Rebate August 2014So, what do these rebate offers mean for you?  It depends, if you have purchased any of these items during the promotion timeframe, fill out the forms and submit all information requested to receive your FREE item.  If you are thinking about purchasing one of these items, check the timeframe you have and visit National Tool Warehouse to get your purchase completed.Make sure you triple check your mail-in rebate form to ensure you have everything they require.  Manufacturers can be sticklers when it comes to having all proper documentation to receive your free item(s). To see additional rebates and promotions that are being offered, please visit the National Tool Warehouse Rebate Page. Let us know if you’ve received your FREE item, which rebate promotion you took advantage of, and how your new FREE item is working out for you.  We appreciate feedback and would love to tell your story in our next Customer Spotlight blog.

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The Power of the Gift Certificate

Is dad having a birthday next week? Or Uncle Bob? What in the world do you buy the man that has everything he could ever want?  Well…that’s easy!  Buy him a gift certificate!

Gift Certificates offer a way he can buy whatever he wants and he won’t feel bad when he opens your gift only to find out that he doesn’t need it, want it, or that it’s the wrong size.  So now that you have a gift in mind, where do you get the gift certificate?


National Tool Warehouse offers tools for everyone; from the backyard mechanic to the professional. Tool prices range from the lower cost/good quality tools to high-end brands.  They sell products made by manufacturers like Wilton, Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, GearWrench, Milwaukee, Astro Pneumatic, Devilbiss and many more.

What kind of budget do you have for the gift certificate?  Most companies make you buy in denominations of $10 or $20 but National Tool Warehouse lets you choose what you spend.  You can buy a gift certificate for any price over $20…yes, even $45.99.  Once you purchase the gift certificate you will be emailed a receipt with a code.  This code is what your gift recipient will need to make his (or her) purchase.

How much easier can it get?  Do you have questions about the Gift Certificates at National Tool Warehouse?  Call our Sales Team today and we will help you! Give us a call toll free 1-866-358-1919 (inside the US) or 1-417-358-1919 (outside the US).

Bought a gift certificate lately?  Email us pictures of how you spent your Gift Certificate!

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The Brazil Loss Hit Close To Home

Watching the Brazil/Germany match was an exciting experience for some of the National Tool Warehouse family!

Although selling tools is our #1 passion…we also like to brag on our family, and boy have we earned our bragging rights!  It’s not every day that you have family members sitting on the front row at the World Cup!

Most of us here in the United States didn’t feel the jarring pain of Brazil losing to Germany in the 2014 World Cup, but those National Tool Warehouse family members that were there felt it big time. After making a temporary move to Brazil earlier this summer, our family members decided attending the World Cup, cheering Brazil on, would be a monumental moment in their lives.  Indeed it was but not in the way they were hoping.

After arriving at the World Cup with the two girls in tow, they enjoyed a typical family picture in front of the stadium.  As you can see, the whole family is all smiles and they even managed to capture a photo bomber on the right.

Family picture before heading into the stadium!

Family picture before heading into the stadium!

While we hear the atmosphere was exciting in the stadium, they, along with thousands of other fans that day, ended up feeling the weight of defeat. Even their youngest daughter, who is 5, was an emotional wreck and they found themselves making several headlines after the loss.

The loss was heartbreaking, even for a 5 year old.

The loss was heartbreaking, even for a 5 year old.

Here is a picture of an actual Brazilian newspaper showing these two front and center.

Here is a picture of an actual Brazilian newspaper showing these two front and center.

the girls

Did you watch the match between Germany and Brazil?  What are your thoughts?