Welcome To Our New Do It Yourself Mechanic's Blog

Welcome to our new do it yourself mechanic’s blog. Every week, we will write about a new project, or a project that we are working on over time. We will be working on cars and motorcycles, showing you how to do make everything from common repairs to performance modifications and highlighting the tools you need to complete the job.

Most of us gear heads know our stuff and know our tools. This is why we hope that you all will comment and give us your feedback here in the blog. You can also suggest projects and ask questions. Every week we will answer your questions, in this blog on Fridays, and every Wednesday in our weekly email blast.

We aim to make sure you don’t end up with repairs looking like:



Now, those repairs are terrible. Poor ingenuity and bad craftsmanship. I am sure, none of you all would attempt such a bad project.  That being said, we are going to make sure that you all know the right way to perform all of your projects in your home garage.

We will be posting every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. So stay tuned and learn all the tricks of the trade right here.

-Ben Taylor


Why Does My Car Smell Bad?!

Have a mysterious odor in your car? Here are some ideas to track down the cause, which is the key to successfully eliminating the smell.

My car smells like:

  1. Brown sugar, syrup or candy –This is typically an anti-freeze or coolant leak either in the engine compartment or from the heater core (or a candy bar melting on the dash). A windshield that feels greasy on the inside or a sweet-smelling liquid accumulating under the dash could be signs of a leaking heater core which will need to be replaced.
  2. Mold or old musty leaves – Check your car’s interior for wet carpet or upholstery. Moisture, warmth, and dark conditions all promote mold growth. There are many causes of moisture inside a car such as leaving the windows down during a rainstorm, leaks at windows or accessories, A/C system leaks, a plugged A/C drain, or stagnant water in the evaporator. Don’t forget to check the trunk and spare tire well for moisture.
  3. Rotten eggs –There’s sulfur in fuel additives and this is a sign of incomplete fuel combustion or the emission system is not working properly. Your car may need a tune up or a new catalytic converter.
  4. Melting plastic – This could be hot electrical wiring, or a plastic bag stuck to your exhaust. If possible, avoid driving over a plastic bag blowing around the road.
  5. Vomit, urine, feces – Unfortunately, these odors are unmistakable. A car sick toddler or nervous puppy can create a smelly mess before you have time to pull off the road. Remove as much as possible, then thoroughly clean the carpet and upholstery with a product such as Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner.
  6. Dead animal – It’s common for rodents to crawl up into small warm spaces to nest or hide food. Unfortunately they sometimes get stuck there and die. If they happen to die in your ventilation system or blower fan, your mechanic will have to remove it to clear and clean the fan.
  7. Burning rubber – A hose that is too close to hot exhaust components could be melting or a bad belt is slipping.
  8. Burning paper – This is likely a slipping or worn clutch. Have your shop check it out.
  9. Hot oil – This is a sign of an oil leak. Check for oil spots under your car when parked or have your mechanic check for leaks. Oil leaking on a hot engine is a fire hazard, so it should be repaired right away.
  10. Gasoline – Check to make sure your gas cap is on. If that’s not the problem, then take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately. Any fuel leak is extremely hazardous and should be fixed right away. If the odor is strong, have the vehicle towed in for repair.