Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaners

Comparison of the Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaners On The Market Today!

Have you been considering buying a waterborne paint gun cleaner?  It’s a tough decision to make…considering the price of the cleaners on the market.  After researching the top two brands…here is the down and dirty on the waterborne paint gun cleaners offered by Herkules and Uni-Ram.

First up we will look at a couple of Herkules waterborne paint gun cleaners.

G202 Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaner

The G202 Cleans 2 guns & 2 cups automatically in one minute!

The Herkules G202 is fully automatic and Made in the USA!  Herkules is a top brand in the automotive paint gun cleaner industry.  Click here to view their webpage devoted to Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaners.

Next up we will look at the Herkules G375, the Double Tank Paint Gun Washer.

Herkules Waterborne Paint Gun Washer G375

Herkules G375 Double Tank Paint Gun Washer

This waterborne paint gun washer is a beast! You can use both tanks exclusively for solvent cleaning or exclusively for waterborne cleaning, OR the left tank exclusively for waterborne cleaning & the right tank exclusively for solvent cleaning.  This washer has stainless steel tanks and is also Made in the USA!  What more could you ask for??

Moving on to the Uni-Ram washers…which are equally as impressive.

First up we have the Uni-Ram UM120W which is a manual gun cleaner.  This cleaner features the “GREEN” Water Recovery System and corrosion resistant construction.

UniRam Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaner UM120W

Uni-Ram Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaner UM120W

This machine has a powerful dual-diaphragm pump with a one year warranty on parts and labor and two year warranty on the diaphragm pump.  Check out this machine here.

Finally we are going to spotlight the “two-in-one” Uni-Ram waterborne paint gun cleaner.  This bad boy will get your paint guns clean with a capital C.

Uni-Ram Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaner UG5000W

Uni-Ram Combined Waterborne and Solvent Spraygun Cleaner UG5000W

This is a Dual, Two Tank Model, Right Tank equivalent to a UM120W, Left Tank to a UG4000E.  What more could you ask for??  Check it out here.

So, whether you are looking for a single tank or a dual tank, any of these models would work well for your shop.  Herkules and Uni-Ram are both excellent manufacturers of waterborne paint gun cleaners and you really can’t go wrong with either brand.

Do you own one of these already?  Send us your thoughts on the one you own and you could be featured in our next blog!

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30,000 Mile Service – It Is Very Important!

The 30,000 Mile Service is VERY Important!

The 30,000 mile service is a key step in maintaining the life of your vehicle. Most car owners are still under warranty at this time, so take advantage of taking your car to the experts at the dealership.

In addition to all that is performed at the 15,000 mile service, the 30,000 mile service is where you will start seeing some of the fluids replaced, such as the brake fluid, engine coolant and transmission fluid, as well as spark plugs, air filters and the fuel filter. A more comprehensive checklist of inspections may also be included, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations for the vehicle.

When you give your vehicle a 30,000 mile service, not only will your car run better, but it will last longer. People often skip this important step, and think that they can “get away with” missing a regular mileage service. Like many other people on a tight budget, you may think your car doesn’t sound so bad, so there’s no problem. Sound familiar?

The problem is your car sometimes won’t reveal what’s wrong until it’s too late. Most problems happen quickly, and before you know it, that little sound means your car won’t start. Preventative maintenance and a mileage service at 30,000 miles could have kept that problem in check. With smart maintenance and servicing your vehicle at 30,000 miles, you can keep your repair costs down, rather than letting the problem cost you thousands of dollars down the line. Time and time again, it’s been proven that a simple car tune up and mileage service can stretch your dollar further than you could imagine.

If you can’t afford to take your vehicle in for it’s scheduled maintenance, you can always do it yourself. Our blog covers many of the tasks needed to maintain your vehicle. Just browse the blog. If there are things that need to be done that we haven’t posted about yet, just reach out and we’ll be sure to make it our next post!

And remember, for those spur of the moment lights that turn on…The Smartphone Scan Tool can really come in handy!  We wrote about this this amazing scan tool here!

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