5 Apps Every New Mechanic Needs

When you’re starting out as a mechanic, there are a couple of apps that can be extremely helpful. They can help you quickly diagnose car troubles accurately and without having to constantly ‘Google’ your questions.
ExpertVideo: Car Repair Basics
Car Repair Basics uses video to demonstrate topics including bleeding auto brakes, checking for battery fluid leaks, and replacing the wheel bearing, App Advice notes. This is an app full of videos that teach you everything you need to know to repair (or help you repair) your vehicle. This app costs $0.99, and it is worth every penny.
TuneyFish recognizes that mechanics sometimes need a refresher on how to check a car’s timing belt or replace a fuse in an older model. TuneyFish provide tips on regular maintenance via videos, and shows how to inspect and know which parts are due for replacement. They also offer you pages of written information and images that corollate with the videos to provide you with deeper insight into how cars work. Many of the videos are geared toward the do-it-yourselfer, but we believe beginner mechanics can benefit from TuneyFish as well.
ASE Study Apps
If you are preparing for the ASE exam, ASE Study apps are a must have. Mechanics Exam offers 70-question multiple choice ASE practice exams that cover automatic transmission vehicles, manual drive vehicles, axles, engine repair, and many other topics. Study for ASE by JamPot Technologies is not the equivalent to your ASE Book, but it does make studying on the go much easier. Coming with a $2.99 price tag, we believe this is a great tool to help you pass your ASE exam.
If you’re a mechanic who often has to search for o-ring sizes, this app is a must-have. Enter installation specifications in inches or metric system, then view matching sized O-rings. The app uses the ISO standard 3601, so you know you can trust the information returned. Learn more about the app here.
Rev is one of the more impressive apps we have ever seen. It records and displays real-time auto codes from the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system. It can also fetch and reset recently displayed “Check Engine” light codes. Not only is the app be useful for mechanics, it can be very helpful for those customers who have regular auto problems. Simply ask them to download Rev, which won the 2009 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award. Rev comes with a hefty $39.99 price tag, but it is well worth it.
We would love to hear your feed back on this post. Have any of you used these apps? Drop your reviews and comments below.


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