Basic Hand Tools Every Home Mechanic Needs – Part 1

So…is it time to outfit your garage for the necessities in home automotive maintenance or upgrade your current tired/worn out tools to usable ones?  I’ve started to compile a list of basic hand tools that every home mechanic needs.  Whether you are tinkering with an old project or working on your family car, these tools and accessories will definitely come in handy and make it a bit easier to get the job done!

First off is the basic drop light, this drop light comes with a 50’ cord and 26 watts of light.  Coming in with a price tag of $145.22 and a top notch warranty, you can’t go wrong with the Saberlight 80010.

ATD-80010 $145.22

Moving on to the staple of your garage, a mechanic’s tool set.  There are so many tool sets on the market these days and of course most will do just fine.  One example of this set is the KD Tools (aka GearWrench) 80933.  This 216 piece set has so much to offer and comes in a handy carrying case.

KDT-80933 $185.55

Having the right tools in your garage to work on your vehicles efficiently, includes owning a basic code reader.  Code readers come in handy when that pesky check engine light decides to come on.  Generally, the plug to use this is located near the steering column in your car, out of the way.  A good reader that has come in handy at my house is the Innova 3120. As long as you have a car or light truck newer than 1996 (OBDII), then you should be able to use this tool.

INN-3120 $179.65

Rounding out the must-haves for today is a good solid drill/driver kit.   The one in my garage is getting a good workout and is standing up to all of the abuse I can throw at it.  Coming in at just under 5 lbs, the DeWalt DC720KA is my new best friend!

DWT-DC720KA $219.10

With that being said, I think 4 awesome must-have tools will be enough for today.  Stay tuned though and I’ll post more about the other great items that have shown up in my garage lately.

Do you have any of these in your garage already?  If so, I’d love to hear your personal experience with it!!

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