Pig Mat Customer Review

Here at National Tool, we receive “fan mail” from our customers on a regular basis.  We pass on the comments and helpful tips to our employees as training tools to make our business better.  But, we’ve received a rave review on a fairly new product line and we decided to share it with our customers.

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Hi National Tool,


I wanted to share a story with you about a product that we recently purchased from you all, The Pig Mat roll. My family and I attend car shows all of the time and if we have a leak, it is a mess to clean up! We have been looking for something that was light-weight and easy to use. This new pig mat towel was so easy to use and we didn’t have to clean up a mess after using them. We placed a couple sheets under the engine compartment while we were at an indoor show and WOW does it work! The oil decided to leak out and it could have gotten everywhere. It was so nice to be able to pick up the mats and just throw them away. A neighbor of ours at the show was so impressed that we gave them a couple to use and they are in love with them also. I would recommend these to anybody out there and you’ll definitely be getting more of our business soon!

P.S. I’ve included a picture of two of our cars that you can share with your employees and your customers.


Thank You,

Jerry D.

J. Dillinger Show Cars 2015

We would like to thank Jerry and his family for sharing their story and their product review!


Photo Credit: Jerry D., 2015