GoJak? What is that?

Is a GoJak right for you?  Here’s some great information on what and how they are used!

Have you been looking for a way to move your show car or race car around without actually driving the vehicle, or are you a tow trucking company trying to move a wrecked car? Well a GoJak might be for you.

A GoJak is a self-loading dolly. Unlike traditional jacks and dollies that are time consuming to jack up each wheel separately and insert a dolly, the GoJak operates with quick action, and bi-directional, double-paw ratchet to squeeze the vehicle’s tire between its rollers until the tire is lifted smoothly off the ground. The GoJak is made in 4 different sizes to fit your vehicles’ needs and they also make a rack for easy storage.

GoJak 6200

GoJak Right Hand Model 6200- Vehicles to 6,200 lbs.; Tire widths to 13"

Right Hand Model 6200- Vehicles to 6,200 lbs.; Tire widths to 13″

The 6200, designed as the strongest in the line, made with steel rollers, a wider axle and heavy duty raceway casters able to handle vehicles up to 6,200 lbs (when using 4) and 13-36 inch width tires. It also contains a 5 degree offset pedal for additional clearance from foot to tire. Made in a right handed and left handed unit.

GoJak 5000

GoJak Model 5000- Vehicles to 5,000 lbs.; Tire widths to 9"

Model 5000- Vehicles to 5,000 lbs.; Tire widths to 9″

The model 5000 with the original design is designed for cars up to 5,000 lbs (when using 4) and tire widths of up to 9 inches and up to 32 inches tall, which accommodates a large percentage of today’s passenger cars and small trucks. Available in left hand and right hand units.

GoJak 4500

GoJak 4500 SuperSlick™

The 4500 SuperSlick™

The SuperSlick, designed for the racing industry. This GoJak is designed to fit vehicles with tires 20 inches to 36 inches wide and 4,500 lbs (when using 4). The twin rollers on the axle guide allow the wheel to move smoothly up and over the axle support bar for easy lifting.

GoJak 456 Rack

GoJak® Rack - Storage Rack Holds 4 GoJaks

Rack – Storage Rack Holds 4 GoJaks

The convenient storage rack handles up to 4 units and fits all models. It rolls easy for storage and to job site, and loads and unloads in seconds. (GoJak’s not included)

So, whether you are a car collector, a repossession agent, or a tow truck service, GoJak’s are a great investment and will be an asset you will wish you would have purchased years ago!

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Written by: Johnna Dillinger, Internet Sales for National Tool Warehouse

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