The Basic Aluminum Kit

Part 1 of the “Pre-Packed Kits” Series!
By: Cheri Shue

This basic kit is great for any shop not wanting to spend much money on preparing for aluminum repairs. This kit includes almost every hand tool you would commonly need to get the job done. You can repair and replace body panels and structural supports with the 19 different hand tools it has to offer. Plus, you can put all your new hand tools in the tool cart to keep it all self-contained and isolated from steel.

The Basic Aluminum Kit / PPK-AL-KIT-1

The Basic Aluminum Kit / PPK-AL-KIT-1

This basic aluminum kit contains the following products and quantities of each.

Kit Includes:(QTY)

SUU-8057 – 6 Drawer Tool Cart(1)
• AHN-63916 – 1/4” Titanium Drill Bit(3)
AHN-63920 – 5/16” Titanium Drill Bit(3)
• AHN-63924 – 3/8” Titanium Drill Bit(3)
• ANG-GR11205BK – Straight Jaw Locking Pliers 5”(2)
• ANG-GR11210BK – Straight Jaw Locking Pliers 10”(2)
• DTF-DF-AH714 – 3Pc Aluminum Hammer Set(1)
• DTF-DF-AB711 – 7Pc Rubberized Dolly Set(1)
DYN-18100P – 3/4” File Belt Sander w/30 Belts(1)
FOW-72-483-003 – Deburring Tool(1)
• KEY-77348 – Body File Holder(1)
• KEY-77347 – Round Body File(1)
• KEY-77472 – Flat Body File(1)
• MAR-39058 – 3/32-1/4” Blind Rivet Gun(1)
MSC-52224A – Infrared Temperature Gun(1)
• MTA-PH1400 – Digital Set Heat Gun(1)
• NOR-98023 – 80 grit 3/4” Blaze File Belt(50)
• STK-20015 – Straight Hand Seam Splitter(1)
• STK-21892 – Aluminum Skin Zipper(1)
STK-21896 – Aluminum Skin Zipper 2(1)


Coming up next: The detail on the The OEM aluminum Kit.

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